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Xenophobia The Valley - Land and People


Torele Anviras/TA (Niels):
This thread will contain details on the terrain and people of The Valley location.

The Valley diary can be found here.

NPCs can be found here.

Player Characters
Alexander “Sandy” Willis - Lovelorn Scout
 - Longs for Laurel

"Lumber" Jack - Libidinous strongman dreamer
 - Has an affair with Lisa

Feel free to make OOC posts below with suggestions and comments.

Here is a terrain map of The Valley

Map Legend
Dark Brown = Mountain, movement is climbing
Light Brown = Hills
Pinkish = Incline, steep but passable
Dark Green = Forest
Medium Green = Wooded
Light Green = Clearing
Soft Green = Grass or fields
Bluish = Paved

Movement Cost
Paved areas = ˝ cost, movement is easy.
Grass and fields = 1 if Endurance 1+, else 1,5.
Clearing = 1 if Endurance 1+ or led by Smarts 1+, else 1,5.
Wooded = 1,5 if led by Smarts 1+, else 2. Wagons 3 if led by Smarts 2+, else not passable.
Forest = 2 if led by Smarts 2+, else 3. Wagons cannot pass.
Incline = 2 if Endurance 2+, else 3. Wagons 4.
Hills = 3 if Endurance 2+, else 4. Wagons 6.
Mountains are climbed, special gear is needed to succeed. Not for the weak, frail or dumb.

A rested human carrying less than his encumbrance limit has 1 movement point per hour.
Moving from one tile to another has the movement cost of the more difficult terrain.
It is possible to move diagonally.

Water supply
The Valley has no major bodies of water. There are springs in several locations and small ponds can be found dotting the landscape.

Food sources
Orchards - Apples, pears, peaches, plums, cherries
Gardens - Well assorted, think monestary
Fields - Grains, potatoes, turnips
Livestock - Small critters, beasts of burden

Torele Anviras/TA (Niels):


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