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Character name: Jack

Brief physical description: Jack is one of many young adults that live in the Village. For his age he is uncommonly strong and fit, good warrior material, but also a man that can work hard and long in the fields. He's not a learned man, that's for sure, and save his physique there is little that seems to set him apart from his fellows: He not dumb, but neither is he clever. He's not ugly, but not particularly handsome either (unless you've got a thing for muscles maybe). That's what the others see anyway; in his heart Jack knows he is different. He wonders what lies beyond the wall, longs to see what lies on the other side. Surely life must have more to offer than this?

Strength: 4
Endurance: 3
Smarts: 1
Learning: 0
Beauty: 1

You are in your sleeping quarters. What do you do?

Wake the girl next to me. She shouldn't be here in the first place and she better go home before dawn. If the Elders knew you were coupling without permission there will be trouble. Get dressed myself. Give the girl's butt a good grab for goodbyes. Eat a hearty breakfast. Head outside as the sun starts to rise and get to work.

Tons of stuff to do. Wood to chop. Play around with the axe like it was a weapon. Fences to fix. Girls to ogle. Roof tiles to replace. Stare longingly at the wall.

Torele Anviras/TA (Niels):
Day 1:
Valley Diary

The girl is named Lisa. She is a weaver's apprentice.

Jack stares off towards the wall, the dawn creeping up behind him and far off behind the wall. It's massive shadow falling far across the valley, until it is finally overpowered by the light coming from above.

He came out of a building three stories high that he shares with a number of his creche mates. All of similar age, they will reside here until their status changes, for good or bad, and other housing is assigned or achieved.

Since he has not proven responsive to advanced learning, Jack is a Hand, one of many, who reports to a work boss. The bosses make sure things get done, on behalf of the Mayor, whom everyone knows takes his orders from the Elders.

Yesterday, Jack was told to head to the Knoll this morning and report in, axe in hand. Perhaps they have some logging to do, though there are not many trees left in the Fields.

It is a brisk three hours of walking to the Knoll. Since he is up early, Jack can be there early enough to impress. If he wants to.

Impress is good. Impress generates goodwill. Goodwill can get one out of trouble later.

So unless something terribly interesting happens en route Jack will be on the Knoll early.

He takes a little time to admire the Wall as he catches his breath from the long hike. The Knoll is nice that way; it offers a good view of everything. Or at least everything that's of the Village. What lies beyond...it's not nearly high enough for that. Maybe if it was a mountain, rather than a small hill.

Daydreaming done for now. Reporting to a Boss, if one is around.

Torele Anviras/TA (Niels):
Jack takes little note of the materials underfoot, he has walked here hundreds of times after all. But it is clear that the very flat and treated surface of the village area is quite different than that of the fields.

There is nice paved road in a straight line from the village to the Knoll. It is two wagons wide and in very good repair. Wagons trundle by and turn on or off the lesser roads that wind between orchards, gardens and fields.

Buildings are scattered throughout the fields, some low walls surround gardens and plenty of picket fences surround areas for livestock. There is a scent of life in the air, farmland, growing things, manure.

The Knoll does indeed offer an impressive view of the whole region. Only blocked to the east by the Wall and the mountains behind the light covering of woods on their slopes.

As usual a Champion is guarding the gate to the Knoll. He wears full Champion Plate and a two handed sword is poking up over his back. He holds a spear in his hand. His visor covers his eyes, revealing Jack as a bumbling blot of red on blue in excellent contrast. If he desired it, the guard could track Jack's pulsing blood inside his body from 10 paces distance.

Armored so, the Champion is stronger than most men. If he and Jack were to lift heavy objects though, Jack would match him lift for lift. The armor makes the Champion impervious to arrows though, which Jack is not.

On the walls of the Keep militia can be seen, watchful and armed with bows. The gate behind the Champion is closed.

It appears this Knight is the thing closest to a Boss that Jack can see here.


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