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Torele Anviras/TA (Niels):

While we wait for ROE3, I'm offering to run a small scenario in my homegrown Xenophobia universe.

In this forum version, you will control a single character in a specific part of the campaign world that you can explore and interact with.

It'll be fun for you, and it will help me solidify ideas and concepts into my campaign setting.

If you would like to play, please post below.

When we begin, it will literally be at the "You are in a room" level. But from there, I can promise that it will escalate quite a bit.

Game Elements
To keep things consistent, I will keep updating specific threads with what is "known". Everything is public to everyone who reads these forums.

These will grow and change as we play.
You will not need to know any rules to play. The world works as you expect it to do, and you will be informed about exceptions to this well before it is critical to know.

Facts of the world:
Facts about the world that is uncovered during play.

Near Newtonian physics far future post-apocalyptic-alien-invasion-Earth.
There is a "warp" through which travel and other "matter-time-space-is-one" effects is derived.

I have two locations ready to launch. Both has it's charms and horrors. I would like input on which one people would like me to launch first. If things go well, both will run in parallel.

The Facility
You live in The Facility. You are a worker and have worked since you could speak. Work is assigned according to abilities and temperament.

There is no way to leave The Facility. Your work is important. So you are told, so it must be true. It is difficult to relate what you do with any visible effect. The Facility is so big, after all, and only the Overseers are free to visit other Sections, and even they are restricted in where they may go.

Resources are sparse and tools decay. Some claim things are getting worse, but things were never good, so they may just be exaggerating.

The Terminals distribute work tasks to Sections and the Overseers assign the workers.

The Valley
You live in a vast beautiful valley. Food is plentiful, advanced tools and weapons are not. There is no way out of the valley (they say).

There must be two villages in The Valley, but it is divided by a massive Wall. Communication with the Other village is forbidden.

The Council of Elders impose strict rules on life, morality and ceremony. Couplings are arranged, children are the property of the village. The Elders enforce their laws with corporeal punishment, scarring and maiming, up to and including death by ritual sacrifice.

Once a year, the Wall opens and the valley is attacked by the Others. The champions don armor and wield ceremonial medieval weapons to repel the invaders. The war is always fierce. - Prisoners and bodies are sacrificed to the Machine, which rewards the village with tools that cannot be produced by the village.

The Machine can bring back the dead and heal deadly wounds. However, if the sacrifices provided are insufficient, the Machine will not.

If you keep your head down, and do what the Elders say, life here is fantastic. In fact, if you're an Elder you're damn well off (players will not start the game as Elders).

"The Xenophobia roleplaying game is my intellectual property. Please do not use rules or setting without my consent." - Niels Egede Olsen

I'm in. I'll post more tomorrow.

Ruideside/OM (RP):
And I as well.

Torele Anviras/TA (Niels):
Eexxxsscellent.  :)


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