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Support and assistant DM slot


This is more like a heads up than an actual announcement (but it goes in here since I don't have any heads up board):

If I get this beast rolling again I may be in need of some assistance. Not right away - first we must take some baby steps and try not to fall down again.

Assuming that works there may well be new players that need coaching, the P&H always needs attention, the Regent Guide has been somewhat neglected of late etc.

Basically; any aid that the players can provide is immensely helpful. Take Brandon and his diligent attention to the P&H/DO template for example - invaluable. Maybe others could do other stuff to help.

Which brings me to the next point - perhaps I will be needing an co-DM. At some point. Which is all well and good, except that it would have to be someone who knows the game/rules - and I don't want to waste any of you as DMs! But anyway, that's for the future...


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