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Hjarring Valley


Yggdrasil (DM Andy):
Nestled in the wide valley formed by the Hjarring glacier long ago, the Hjarring valley borders Jankaping, Svinik, Rjuvik and the Blood Skull Barony.

A small realm of independent jarls, nominally a kingdom (aand with strong internal ties, the clans gather every decade (rarely more often) and after a long celebration and much boisterous games, contests of wit and song, and other joviality they traditionally vote which of them will be king for the next decade.

Over the years the Hjarring games have become something of a fixture, with Rjurik from across the Highlands and Taleshore traveling to compete and win fame, honour, and perhaps impress the many lords who attend looking for men of skill and prowess or skalds seeking a champion to immortalise in song.

The Hjarring Valley is amongst the most traditional of the Rjurik realms, the Emerald Spiral is the dominant faith, though many shrines to Laerme dot the land, skalds say that at least one of the nomadic tribes reveres Ruornil, and that some sidhe yet remain in the woods, though if this either of these rumours is true the druids seem unconcerned.

The trade follows an old-Rjurik tradition, the tribes themselves oversee much of the trade beteen their villages and runs local fairs, aaolfers - in this case the three trees traders - deal with all external trade, with the Three Trees floating most of the goods needed to buy tools and other imports down the Hjarring to trade with Halskapa.

It was long a tradition of Halskapa and Svinik to send troops to support the jarls of the Hjarring Valley, however of late Halskapa's internal troubles have caused this old tradition to wither and the jarls of the Hjarring Valley have increasingly struggled to prevent the raiders of the barony from pillaging their land - or in the depths of winter from attacking over the frozen Hjarring into Svinik or Rjuvik.


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