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Ruideside/OM (RP):
Here is an updated (and hopefully correct, map of the Tael Firth area for use with RoE III.;sa=myfiles;u=276

Ruideside/OM (RP):
And here is yet another map with more corrections (thanks for the heads' ups guys - it's kind of tricky making a map without an up-to date listing of provinces;) Please let me know if you notice if anything has been missed or left out ).
This one has the highways (Yellow) and roads (brown), and a few ferries marked as well.

I am not going to upload it to the downloads section because I am almost finished the map of all of Cerilia, which I will upload, but here's a link to the Tael Firth region:

Like it.

Possibly a road between Aaldvika and Veikanger?

Ruideside/OM (RP):
I ran it through Djaalfund rather than Hjolgrun.

Link or add to downloads?


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