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Can we clear this forum or mark it as RoE2?

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Talinie & NIT/TD (Linde):
I think it will lessen the confusion. At least when we at some point post RoE3 relevant domain info.

Ohlaak (Alan):
I imagine though that much of the information here still applies somewhat, though definitely, distant to the game area.

Stjordvik/Varri (Greg):
I like the suggestion to mark it as RoE2, maybe creat an RoE3 and point to this for reference, and/or create a new Atlas for RoE3 (or link to a vanilla BR Atlas?). 

Emerald Spiral/GS (Even):
Like the Interactive Action section was archived, I'd recommend removed all the old sections and start the equivalent noted as RoE3. If there are appropriate points, e.g. for rules FAQ posts, a stickly post with links at the top of each section could be made.

My 2cp

Aeric (DM Matt):
I don't have those powers - we shall have to leave such housekeeping to the ever might B!


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