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The Darrh Tribes (15)
     Amur:  Rules Tiklek; generally sides with Snogatroi.
     Duegel:  Rules Duegel; has influence in the capital province; is allied with Jograb.
     Furzitz:  Rules Furzitz.
     Garrols:  Rules Burgl.
     Gryvvl:  Rules the newly conquered territory of Kurmansk (whose primary population is Vos), which was its reward for significant contributions during a war with Molochev.
     Hurgz:  Rules Boylspyr; was forced out of Hurgz by the Smaelryth tribe and subsequently wrested control of the neighbouring province of Boylspyr from the small tribe of the same name; maintains a small presence in Hurgz.
     Jograb:  Rules Jograb; has an history of engaging in trade; is allied with Duegel.
     Liispyk:  Rules Liispyk; has an history of engaging in trade.
     Smaelryth:  Rules Hurgz; has influence in the capital province; forced the Hurgz tribe almost entirely out of Hurgz some time ago and even exerts some influence in Boylspyr, where the Hurgz now rule.
     Snogatroi:  Rules Snogatroi; has influence in the capital and in Tiklek (ruled by the Amur tribe); has considerable influence in/over Zegrabin (province/tribe); is led by Hogleg Fire-Eyes, who generates RP from Law/Manor/Source.
     Thrugger:  Rules Thrugger.
     Tzellik:  Rules Puggzeg.
     Wormflyd:  Rules Wormflyd.
     Zegrabin:  Rules Zegrabin; follows the lead of Snogatroi.
     Zzurk:  Rules Zzurk; may be weaker than some non-Darrh tribes.

The Non-Darrh Tribes (22)
     Boylspyr (still present in Boylspyr, to a degree); Burgl (still present in the northwest); Puggzeg (still present in the northeast); Tiklek (rather strong in Tiklek, just not as strong as the Amur tribe {and its Snogatroi backing}); 18 others.


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