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[Unofficial] Kheleb-Izhil


X-Points East:


Kheleb-Izhil is mentioned in official Birthright, and eastern Rhuannach is mentioned, basically, as a possible location. . . . I detailed Kheleb-Izhil to some extent and included it in the P&H file.  Perhaps it could occupy parts of (at least some of) the following four provinces, which seem to come to a geographical point in official Birthright:  Allaight & Glyncaerwyn (Rhuannach); West Ibnoume (Min Dhousai); & Djin Belim (Djafra). . . . Kheleb-Izhil consists of one province only:  Kheleb-Izhil, a province (10).  And I made this an unique underground province:  +4 MPL & +12 GRM.


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