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As I look to the far northern reaches of Cerilia I notice two things:

1. Some provinces up there are grossly over-sized (take a look at Hogunmark for example). I guess you can explain it as wilderness zones that could, if they got more population, be divided up into new provinces. But that just doesn't make sense in a movement perspective.

2. Some provinces are oddly shaped/located. This creates odd situations where you can move very quickly if you chose one route, but much more slowly if you take a different route. Look at Fjoltyr in Hogunmark for example - a super way of slashing travel times in the forest in half!

What to do, what to do...

Some ideas:

Rjuvik: +1 province. Sjarkhoelle is much too large for one province.
Hogunmark: +1 or 2 provinces? Many big forest provinces, plus the weird shape of Fjoltyr; one province should be added. Njorldar and Jarnborg also big, but perhaps acceptable?
Realm of the WW: Same as Hogunmark. Big forest provinces to the south + weirdly located Oulu needs fixing. One addition province should do it. Maybe the coat is big, but acceptable?
Blood Skull/Giantdowns intersection: Oddly shaped/placed provinces. Borders need be adjusted. No need for new provinces.

X-Haelyn's Aegis/RK (Andy):
You also get some odd terrain mixes - I played Svinik and kept wishing that the swamp was in one province rather than spread over four - Rjuvik has the same issue, natural borders influencing political ones certainly makes sense to me.  The Siren has the opposite problem to the provinces you noted btw - Gigha is tiny.

If you are using the maps from the boxes though I'd note that the Rjuvik map has the biggest scale so all the provinces 'look large'.

While you are world-building, how about the Zweilunds?

the Zweilunds should probably be one province (or maybe two, given the name - ein, zwei, etc.)


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