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The further one gets from the play are the less detailed the information is.

Some example:

The P&H/Domain description will contain little or no data on minor vassals and such.

The P&H is also not updated very often for non-play areas.

Were the area to become played an update will be in order.

Example 1: The Taelshore is entirely unplayed. Here I have opted to fill almost every holding slot - unless there is something in the background to dictate otherwise. The area receives no updates. Were the area to enter play I would surely open up a few more holding slots.

Example 2: The Asarwe Basin is unplayed, except for a PETG trade presence. Here I have taken the time to open up a few more holding slots. The more stable the realm, the less open slots - the Burrows have almost none, Rheulgard quite a few. The area receives sporadic updates - several turns may pass and then I suddenly make several changes to represent, say the last year.


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