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Talinie & NIT/TD (Linde):
I am going to have a go at putting together a game.

I have done a lot of work behind the scenes, and I plan to have the game up and running at the start of next year.

Come check it out:

Ruideside/OM (RP):
Do you need a map (he asked hopefully)?

Talinie & NIT/TD (Linde):
I've already made a map of the play area. Both with terrain and provinces, so I am not lacking maps. But thanks ^_^

Ruideside/OM (RP):
Bummer. ;)
How's the game shaping up?

Talinie & NIT/TD (Linde):
Comming along nicely. We are 8 players so far. And they are contributing greatly to the fluff of their domains.

Still two guilds and a couple of landed domains open, but the most important domains are filled.

Once all the domains are done with their descriptions we might need a little help with detailed kingdom maps.


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