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Some ideas for expanding the rules on cities.

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Ruideside/OM (RP):
My understanding is that at present a city of any sort (i.e. those listed in the P&H) don't actually add a level to the province, but only add to the province's maximum level, so the benefit is often somewhat theoretical, which was the reasoning behind giving the income bonus.

And yes, there will be a tendency to rather unrealistically only found cities in crappy locations so as to benefit from the increase in MPL, and that was the reason for making cities more expensive to build in such locations, in order to offset that tendency somewhat, and yet still remain realistic - it would be cheaper and easier to found a city on a nice fertile plain than in the middle of the barren wasteland. However, building in the wasteland should not be impossible - as shown by Petra, or the Anatolian cave cities, such cities were built.

As to the cost, well my 2-3 GB was just a rough guestimate, that is one of the details that would need to be worked out, though I don't think it should be too, too expensive, nor should the DDC be to high.

Ruideside/OM (RP):
Having looked over some of the other structures, the cost should be increased, however, do keep in mind it only costs 1 GB to create an entire province.

Stjordvik/Varri (Greg):
I like this conceptually.  If I understand the math from this proposed model correctly, the larger provinces would benefit more (proportionally) from the same relative gb investment compared to smaller provinces, but I think that is actually not only appropriate, but a realistic improvement.  Of course there are different sized universities, cathedrals, etc., so one could refine this even more (along the same lines) but perhaps that would be too much detaila and be simply diminished returns, but the "above average" concept would work well.

X-CJS/Ruormad Coumain (Tristan):
I like it conceptually, but that is the innate builder in me that wants to make a fantastic city and be able to say that I built it. I don't think that this is beneficial to the game.

By it's nature everything in RoEx is an abstraction. In this instance cities are currently considered to be a feature of the province that they are in, and I am not sure that this should be changed. As a city grows it impacts the area around it. The humble village in the L1 province grows over time to be at the crossroads of a major trade route in the now L4 province.

In my mind you cannot logically build a city in a province and not have it impact the level of the province.

I also don't see why establishing a city generates a increase in income, this is a ludicrous concept when you imagine a newly built city in a L1 province. It wouldn't make money, the people supporting it would haemorrhage money so fast they'd never even realise they had it.

If you want to build a city then there is a action already present that will let you plow money into a province to grow it faster.

Talinie & NIT/TD (Linde):
I agree that cities as a structure should be restricted to higher provinces. Or provide province growth rather than income.


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