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Silver House/ClDh (Bobby):
Matt, Andy - This is a question we felt needed to get kicked up to you.  There's several versions of the Regent Guide that have been processed, edited, and considered to one degree or another, up to version 2.25.  Which of these is currently the canon ruleset for us to begin discussions from?  There's a lot of changes and neat ideas that Bjorn was working on integrating in his latest versions, but they weren't part of the game when we stopped, and we don't even know how complete and tested they are - the latest versions were very much works-in-progress, and we don't know anything about how much 'progress' they still needed.  How should we proceed?

Yggdrasil (DM Andy):
I haven't had a chance to speak to Matt, but I suspect the practical approach is to say the last "published" version is what we are working with, and any other discussions should be considered ongoing to be notified when changed.  If any rules appear to cause problems then they can be discussed and dealt with on a case-by-case basis, particularly newer rules.

The downloads shows 2.21 as the latest version - any higher bidders?

Aeric (DM Matt):
What Andy said.

Torele Anviras/TA (Niels):
2.20 is technically the newest release.

2.21 and 2.20 are almost identical though, I'm not even sure what has changed between the two.

Silver House/ClDh (Bobby):
Excellent.  Thanks, guys!


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