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[Unofficial] White Hand of Kriestal
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Initially a small and fairly secretive sect in Danigau, the White Hand became much more than that, when, in the interests of mutual survival, it merged with a similarly small sect of Kriesha across the Krakennauricht.  This gave the priestesses much more flexibility of action:  for, if times were difficult or if an agenda were deemed highly important in the west, the eastern temples could provide extra income and non-monetary support, to bolster their sister temples, in the west (and vice versa).  And then came the Coup of Bloodshroud (1514 HC), which was an action supported by the eastern and western temples, both:  via bribes, magic, and intrigue, the Hand had been able successfully to infiltrate the organisation of the Black Church of Alenecht; and, when, of a sudden, the priestesses abducted its regent and forced his divestiture, a great purge was initiated, during which many of the Belinites were unmercifully slain.  When the Vampire finally put a stop to the violence, many of those surviving priests, who had been resisting the priestesses and warring with them in the streets of the capital, were exiled.  Some were allowed to stay, in service to the White Hand, along with those of their brethren, who had initially supported the Coup.  And so it was that the White Hand became a player in the southern lands of Brechtür, as well. . . . Priests of Alenecht/Belinik in the regions around the Krakennauricht generally do not view the White Hand in a positive light, although there are some, who respect the aspect of strife in the Coup.  Moderately influential sects currently exist in the Hand of Azrai and the Black Church of Belinik, who often advocate some sort of agenda against the Hand, as many of these sects’ chief members were amongst the exiled priests, over twenty years agone. . . . State Faith of Vampire’s Hold; Special Faith of Hundtmarch (in Danigau); Only Tolerated Faith in Kordan (But Not Official State Faith).

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