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: E-mailing conventions
: X-DM Jon December 12, 2008, 11:35:04 PM
A sticky for this subject.

 The mailing conventions are simple:

1. Don't use the forum mailing system. It's useless. Always e-mail. If in doubt what e-mail, check the Shadow World.

2. Always include the following in your Heading: "RoE"; "turn#"; "action type"; "Realm" - or if dispatch or diplomacy: "from realm to realm"; "description"

 The reason for 2.: The amount of mail the DM's receive require your cooperation. If you start discussing other things in an e-mail concerning diplomacy to your vassal, something will very likely go wrong at some point.

 Don't forget "description"!

3. CC both DM's, Bjřrn is your mainframe, the powerhouse. I am his backup, the wannabe powerhouse. Miss the wannabe and you risk the chance of not getting through to the real power. (Which incidentially is good advice for all things in life  ;))
: Re: E-mailing convention
: DM B December 15, 2008, 08:22:59 PM
Appendix 1 – Mailing Conventions
When communicating in this game, on or off the list, certain conventions must be adhered to, or chaos will ensue. I cannot overstress the importance of this; RoE is a PbeM game, and proper communication is imperative to the optimal functioning of the game.

Always, start all subject lines with “[RoE]” if you are not sending a mail to the list. Don’t use “[RuinsofEmpire]”, as this makes the mail to appear a public one for the list.

Always reply to mails instead of writing new ones so that the thread stays whole.

Always CC in character communication to the DM. IC talks should generally be done through mail, and in an organized fashion. If for some reason relevant talks are done over IM or a similar medium, and abridged version must be sent to the DMs, and verification must come from all the involved parties.

Always include the turn number “#21”

Always identify the sender/recipient/ subject ”From Marale Roesone to Queen Swordwraith”

Always choose the subject from the following list:
(1)   Dispatch
(2)   Diplomacy
(3)   Adventure
(4)   Adviser
(5)   Decree/grant
(6)   Misc (Everything else, but IC)
(7)   FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)
(8)   OOC (Out of Character)
(9)   Event
(10)   Rumor
(11)   Secret
(12)   Plot
(13)   Campaign
(14)   Battle

All threads (except dispatches, diplomacy, adventure, adviser, FAQ, Misc, and OOC) are DM initiated.

Sample subject lines
Here are a variety of subject lines and how they should look, and shows whether or not they should also be included in your DO for reference purposes.

RoE: Dispatch #15 - From Regent X to Regent Y
This constitutes a dispatch action, and should be identified as such in you DO.

RoE: Diplomacy #15 - From Regent X to Regent Y
This is basically the same as a dispatch. If a dispatch turned into a full-blown diplomacy action, please use the subject line below, as it will greatly improve the ability to track the action.
RoE: Diplomacy #15 - From Regent X to Regent Y (Was: Dispatch Turn #14 - From Regent X to Regent Y).
This constitutes a diplomacy action, and should be identified as such in you DO.

RoE: Decree/grant #15 – Name of decree or grant
If a player has a decree or a particular grant that he wishes to become know to the whole of Anuire, he can use this thread.
This constitutes a decree or grant action, and should be identified as such in you DO.

RoE: Adventure #15 - Regent X in The Tarkal Deeps
Include the name of the regent and the name of the adventure (either one you make up, or one provided as an event by the DM.
This constitutes an adventure action, and should be identified as such in you DO.

RoE: Advisor #15 - From Regent X to Adviser Y
You contact one of your advisers or other able assistance and ask for information.
This constitutes a Advisor action, and should be identified as such in you DO.

RoE: Misc #21 – Subject
This is the catchall for those things that doesn’t fit anywhere else, but which is still IC.

RoE: FAQ #15 – Question subject
Her you get to ask questions that you want answered that relates to the game as a whole. Includes question to the DM that doesn’t have any relevance to the game or are best kept secret.

RoE: OOC #21 – Subject
Well, sometimes you have something to say that’s both out of character and not really related to the game, but that you just have to get through.

DM only subject lines
There are a couple of subject lines that only the DM may initiate.
RoE: Event/rumor/secret/plot #15 – Name of event/rumor/secret/plot
Sometimes the DM feels like sending out a special event or rumor in the middle of the turn.
RoE: Event/rumor/secret/plot #15 – Name of campaign/battle
When your domain is at war, you may get a mail asking for additional orders.
: Re: E-mailing conventions
: X-DM Jon January 02, 2009, 01:43:17 AM
Very important!

 Since we're getting in something like 150 mails in about 2 weeks time, it's really necessary that you separate OoC questions from your IC mails. Make sure to send us any questions you have in a separate OoC mail.

 Otherwise we may well miss the many questions out there.
: Re: E-mailing conventions
: DM B February 19, 2012, 10:10:41 AM
I'll repeat this one more time:

IT IS VITALLY IMPORTANT that you use the correct Subject for your e-mails.

As a minimum you must include the words 'RoE', the Turn Number (i.e. '70') and the 'Type' (Diplomacy, Dispatch, Adventure, OOC et.) in the Subject.

I use various filters etc. to sort my e-mails, so without good subject lines your e-mail might be ignored.
: Re: E-mailing conventions
: DM B February 19, 2012, 10:13:31 AM

DO - When sending in DOs, or e-mails concerned with DO resolution (maybe you'd like to clarif something or as a question) mark it as 'DO' in the Subject line.
DM - If a thread requires DM attention please add 'DM' in the subject line. That gives it a nice red color and should ensure a quick reply. Typically used when you're engaged in diplomacy and suddenly the DM is needed to clarify something or answer on behalf of a key NPC domain. Without this tag I might overlook the e-mail.