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Sandbox story/RPG: An idea...
« on: January 04, 2010, 05:16:11 pm »
Recently I've had an idea (this would be Project #23 in a line of unfinished projects).

A PBeM game heavy on storytelling (I have a thing for the way Bjorn runs his adventures/wars).
The idea is, that each player will be just one character in the setting of my devising, with personal goals (wealth, power, long life, a pretty wife, etc). These characters may be the head of a house or a petty thief and may not even interact with one another, the idea is simply to place players in a growing settlement and leave everything completely open - kind of a sandbox story with any potential outcome.

At the moment I'm thinking rules would be simplified D&D on a character-basis (because that's what I know best) with everything else more or less up to DM fiat - Ie. the DM's will decide on the regular stuff and use dice or judgement to progress the "story" until such a time where chance takes over (the spot check you just don't wan't to fail, or combat etc) although any rulesystem could really work - it wouldn't be important unless it's important (that made little sense, eh?  ::)).

The reason for this is threefold. First I want to write some more. (Actually one of my new year's resolutions was to write at least one page of fiction each day -or 7 a week if I miss a day.)

Secondly I'd like to expand on my game-setting, and what better way (I hope) than to do that through gaming? This way, if something pops up - a question asked that I hadn't even thought of, I can expand the setting by means of answers.

And thirdly because I think this could be great fun.

As such it is the story I would like to focus on if I chose to pursue this idea - funny/lucky things won't necessarily happen to a character to keep him in the story. Should he die, the player will be offered to create a new character or take over some npc who would then become more active.
Any thoughts? Would this be something people was interested in trying? It would be meant as light entertainment - not necessarily something that requires you to try and fathom intricate rule-systems and beat each other or the game. For entertainment on such a grand scale we have RoE II!  :D (Neither would I want to pull anyone away from other things - it's simply an idea I think could be interesting to try out.)