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Personal Moments - A fic competition....
« on: October 22, 2009, 06:41:34 pm »
To keep our energies productive Thorsten and I started discussing writing some fic to keep our fingers and minds RoE honed as well as to provide a little bit of entertainment. So, as rules make the game more fun, we thought we would add some and throw the amusement to a wider audience and participants.  ;)

1) The Fic should be of a personal moment, possibly including some intraspection, of your character or one of those in his/her circle (henchmen/advisors/etc).
2) The Fic should be no more than 500 words long.
3) The Fic's moment should be based within their normal "working" day.
4) There is no rule 4.

Are we up for a challenge? If so - get writing!
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