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Turn #64 - War
« on: August 04, 2009, 04:14:05 am »
“These insults cannot go unanswered!” Landen cries, slamming his fist upon the table. His wretchedly scarred face dimly lit by torch, candle and fireplace.

“How long shall we dance while ignoring reality – this is war!” Landen says vehemently.

William leans back into his chair, looking to each of his Barons for a moment.

“Landen, is the offense so grave that resolute words cannot prevail?”   He says.

"Any one of these, Sire.  The reality is that shit flow up, Sire.  If they say these things of the Marquis and confer insult upon him then they also insult you and everyone one of us. Braecous is a man of his word, and until it be deemed otherwise, his word is clearly without question," Landen says. 

At this the room stirs for a moment, before William sets it back to silence.

"Gerad, what say you of this?" William says to the Baron of North Hold.

“Sire, Rashid’s offense is most grievous – an attack upon my very character and blood -- my honor.  By all tenets of sayim, by intention or not, we are now feuding. I, now serving my rightful and fit liege, should somehow be subject to Rashid’s every caprice and knowing this he lashes out like a child. We are not children anymore though, and I surely shall not be treated as one particular when my brother is too addled by the darkness in his heart to recognize that I am most content to serve you and Osoerde,” Gerad says.

“My brother colludes with Mhoried and the Holy Order to take Morcosoer from you; they have threatened and cajoled, all in vain, but such seditious intent cannot be ignored,” Gerad says. 

“I concur with my fellow liegeman – this is war,” Gerad concludes.

William looks back to Marlae and smile faintly before looking to his Chamberlain.

“Sire,” he bows deeply to the assembled lords.

“The Marquisette is surely in dire need – particularly if we have faith in at least the veracity of the words of the Holy Order of Haelyn’s Aegis.  Furthermore, the Patriarch, Holy Order and it must be assumed, the Mhor as well, would use the coming of the Ogre to Morcosoer as if the creature of the Shadow were some negotiating asset from to draw from you some gain.  While I have neither the right nor desire to pronounce judgment of their character, I cannot help but think that these actions are not those of a friend or potential ally, but rather of an adversary,” Tanen steps back with a both.

“Taroen, have you nothing to add?” William says to the Baron of Littoral.

“Sire, a war with Elinie detracts from the reality that not only Morcosoer is in need, but rather many of our neighbors as well.  The Manslayer will stalk Aerenwe, the Baron of Coeranys is missing captured and perhaps murdered by Oorgs in the Chimaeron, the Grey Duke has stolen the Book of Laws – these are but a few of the challenges facing Anuire and as such, Osoerde. I caution that any one of these would be problematic by their lonesome, Sire – but together they represent a troubling confluence of events,” Taroen says.

“Yet, our immediate concern must be for our fellow liegeman, Braecous Bellamie.  War is a dangerous proposition and I have never advocated war except as a means of peace – I believe caution is required, but for now – this is war – hopefully an opportunity for renewed diplomacy as well,”
Taroen says.

William looks across the room and settles upon Savane Dhoesone.

“Maester, I have not a priest to advise them – apparently the Pontiff could not come to advise.  Have you any wisdom for this matter?”  William voice has a certain sense of curiousness to it; all recognize it to be a test.

“Sire,” Savane curtsies very low.

“Since the Patriarch has rebuffed any attempt at resolution through His Excellency, Baron Bellamie and His Excellency, Count Dhon – the options before you seem at best bleak and at worst, preordained.  If it is not war, then you must be willing to suffer that the Patriarch, the Mhor and High Marshall, surely amongst others – shall make of you an Oath Breaker,” she says.

“While it is true that the Duchy of Tornilien and Baron Haensen provided you another way to Morcosoer, the Swordmage will demand a high price without any guarantee of continued access to Morcosoer in the future. In fact, as soon as it was convenient, one assumes that another price would be extracted, at least while you have something to give.  At least this is how I understand her character by all accounts, Sire,” Savane says.

“To be frank, Sire, I it difficult to comprehend how Tornilien would ultimately be a viable solution,” she concludes.

William nods slowly and takes a heavy drink from his goblet – the room is cast is eerily silence as he stares out of the window for a few long moments.

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Re: Rumor #64 -
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OOC: Given the style, should this be moved to the Bard section instead of Rumor?


Tristan swirls his untouched goblet slowly, gazing into the ruby liquid as if seeking visions.  The silence before he speaks, and his quiet, measured voice seem shocking after the shouts and fury.  "The Shadow grows, my lord.  It grows, again.  We have forgotten so quickly what it looks like as it wraps about us."  He shakes his head slowly, still swirling his wine.  "Baron Littoral speaks truth, but sets aside its greater meaning.  These are not small things.  When the Eyeless One came upon us, when the Lost rose, they came at first in the tiniest of events.  The death of Martin Royce is not tiny.  The madness of the Iron Rider is not insignificant.  The theft of the Book of Law is not dismissable."  His head finally lifts.  His eyes glitter in the light of the candles overhead.  "If such are but the opening blows of some new war, we cannot imagine its full fury.  And we ignore it at our peril."

The silence stretches as Osoer regards him measuringly, before Landen hammers the table again.  "What are you talking about?  You've had too much of that wine already, man.  WAR, Baron, we discuss war, not religion!  What say you of that?"

Tristan shrugs, a sharp laugh flying from his lips.  "But of course, Baron.  If we cannot find peace with Elinie, war is the only option that remains - save to surrender outright, which would serve still less purpose.  But you miss my point.  We have more wars to choose from than stars in the sky - wars of men, wars of nations, wars of gods, by the Lady!  If we can fight but one, this is the least of those I would choose!  Elinie was to be our ally - now it consumes our strength as we bludgeon it.  This is a war I see no reason for save the necessity of politics.  Find all the glory you may in it, puppy, for nothing else of value will come of it."

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Re: Rumor #64 - War
« Reply #2 on: August 04, 2009, 09:09:32 am »
Some months ago:

"Failed? - What do you mean failed?" The Patriarch arched an eyebrow looking at Ibhran, First Vizier, making his report.

"The nobles will not accept a treaty with Osoerde while Gerad walks freely at the head of the Elinien army. Many of them have cousins, siblings or children in the ranks of the knights and officers with him." Ibhran continues.

"And my explanations, that this, is all the Archduke is willing to give, is falling on deaf ears? - No shrine, no roads, no lands and no ceasing of backing Gerad." Rashid retorts.

The First Vizier opens his hands apologetically and says; "To be frank, they believe the Archduke is planning to use Gerad, and that he may one day be Duke. There can be no stability until the matter is resolved."

"Curse the mans stubbornness. What should I do? - Hang my vassals until the rest comply? - Has he no understanding at all of the situation he places me in? - Naming Gerad Baron even as we discuss his very fate?"

"Well, sire, some of you vassals have some very pointed ideas on how to resolve the impasse... " The Vizier says in a low voice. Rashid looks at the man in distaste. "al-Rashhad is far too eager to see the Daouta line reduced in number."

"I will denounce Gerad. Make public his crimes... I can protect him no further. Perhaps this will appease the naysayers and frighten those who still holds some support for Gerad."
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Re: Rumor #64 - War
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Continual arguments over the past seasons:

Robhan frowned as yet more reports flowed in of goblin raids, of goblin villages found where once the land had been scoured clean, of a Marquis refusing to accept any offer of help, of an Arch Duke ignoring his feudal duty to send aid to the liberated lands that should have been the lasting pride of his nation.

"We must act sir!  The goblins grow in number daily - will we see our greatest triumph wasted and Markazor reborn in shadows once more?"

Robhan rounded angrily on the knight, "others may ignore their oaths and duty - but we do not!  Morcoser may be naught but some glittering trinket to those south, but to us it is our duty, honour and pride - and we shall not save its body by sacrificing its soul!  Aye, we could scour the goblins from the land in a season or two and mayhap even build a shining realm of the Empire in the north once loosed the shackles - but at what cost?  What true strength could there be in a land borne of betrayal?  Our sacred duty is to protect the land and support the lord - no matter how much they ignore their duty in turn - should we seek to ignore one of our twin duties to embrace the other then only tragedy could result..."


"They say that war comes sir, perhaps a new lord will be placed - whoever holds victory they will surely not wish to simply continue the collapse of the realm, mayhap things will finally improve"

Robhan shrugged, "I care not who holds the land - in a few decades they will pass as all men do.  What matters is whether the land is one of men or of beasts.  Those provoking this foolish war seek to restore the goblins - whether the witless pair of fools know it or not - by speaking lies against us and welcoming goblins as much as men they leave no other conclusion possible.  I care not for their schemes of power, I will not see man driven from the land to slake their ambition, should the past year's failures by the nobility be repeated then let the consequences fall as they may, I will do as I must to protect Anuire as He has long commanded..."

Robhan turned and glared at the maps, long ago the Aegis had failed to protect one of the lands under its charge, and the realm had fallen to Shadow for centuries before crawling back to mere decadence as a result, he would not see another land fall from grace through his failure to act...
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Re: Rumor #64 - War
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William listens closely to Tristan before speaking.

"Yes, Tristan and Taroen, I agree that of the battles to fight -- this one is clearly the most foolish.  Then again, the decision has also be largely removed from my will," he says.

"If I do not respond to Morcosoer, by any means available to me, rightly or not, each of you, should question whether I would come if it were your hour of need.  In short, the very bonds between us would be in question. Can I truly allow this to be done?"  William says rhetorically to Tristan.

"It is this which moves me.  It is this which I find so objectionable and vile.  The Patriarch can be forgiven this transgression, but Mhoried and the Holy Order of Haelyn's Aegis?" William says. 

"It would appear that even amongst the supposed paragons of Anuriean traditions, we can find the very men that would cast them aside for their own whims," William says.

"Not a single word - nor request to speak regarding Morcosoer have I recieved.  Instead, promises that my vassal offends a Mhor," William says.

"Perhaps then, the Mhor should speak to an Archduke -- the same should be said of foolish Khaiaren as well," William says while standing.

"Bring me maps, I am going to Morcosoer -- and may the gods damn who stand in my way."
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Re: Rumor #64 - War
« Reply #5 on: August 05, 2009, 01:27:39 am »
"Plenty are the threats to the security of Anuire for the realms to fight each other. Why can not an agreement between Osoerde and Elinie be reached? As we speak the clouds of a great storm gathers.

All we do is weaken ourself fighting each other.

I wonder if Elinie where to reconsider the wish of Archduke Osoer to protect his interests in Morcosoer would a needless war be avoided? Would letting Osoerdes army pass through the lands of Elinie be a threat to the security of Elinie?

I wonder if Osoerde could be persuaded to meet the wish of the Patriarch  for right of passage through his lands? Perhaps peace is yet a if distant possibility.

A river of blood will flow from the south and all ablebodied men will be needed to stem this tide; instead multiple wars among the human lords see their resources and soldiers wasted. A day will come where we will all regret but perhaps on that day to late it will be. Upon the holy mountain I was given a warning: Beware the Radiant Light Wallac; beware the Light that shines from the far south. It will burn all that it touches and leave nothing but ashes and death. That is the real Apocalypse that threatens Anuire"

Those where the words of Wallac Isilviere as he upon descending from Mount Deismaar learned of the war. Hear them people of Anuire and hope they'll be heeded. As for our Pontiff he went back south for reasons I know not though my guess would be it has something to do with the Radiant Light
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