Author Topic: "She sang as she swayed..."  (Read 679 times)

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"She sang as she swayed..."
« on: March 15, 2009, 08:57:37 am »
She sang as she swayed in time with the clap of her hands, the movement of her hips hypnotising the whole room and the entrancement of those who watched her was clear on all those faces. Only she and I were not caught in what she did though it was easy to see how a lesser mind would be entrapped so easily by her exotic beauty and her dance; the combination of the two like a heady drug ensorcelling the passions and lusts of those within her spell. Our eyes met three times while she moved and each time we held each others gaze for longer than was polite for either of us, willing the other to look away first in a fight for control of our own wills. In her dusky brown eyes there was a fierce sense of defiance, backed by a strong mind and an immense determination and it was all I could do to hold that stare and reflect as much of it back at her as possible - she was a slave and I would not suffer her arrogance the way the others did. But on my winning of the third competition for control I made a resolution, that she would never show that arrogance as a slave again.

The following morning Kouralis left that knight's abode on one of my horses.
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