Author Topic: Ideas for economic over exploitation (i.e. devastation) of a province  (Read 2953 times)

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Re: Ideas for economic over exploitation (i.e. devastation) of a province
« Reply #30 on: July 19, 2013, 12:18:19 am »
I have always thought that the reduction in magic isn't tied to devastation per se, but rather the increased civilization.  This is to say that civilization is anathema to mebhaighl, not neccessary, the devestation/damage the land.

For instance, if I take an ancient forest, completely deforest it and you still a plains province with an MSP of 5.

Very good point, though humans typically leaves quite a mess where they live. - And Elves live in a way that does not lower the magic level, so there is no direct link between the number of people or level of civilization being the cause.

Devastation, I think, is an aggravated form of the ongoing disruption to the natural order that human cultures evoke.

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Re: Ideas for economic over exploitation (i.e. devastation) of a province
« Reply #31 on: July 19, 2013, 02:05:31 am »
Also goblins, orogs, and such like also reduce source, so civilization is at best a relative term.
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Re: Ideas for economic over exploitation (i.e. devastation) of a province
« Reply #32 on: July 19, 2013, 03:33:30 pm »
I've always seen it as a consequence of CHANGE, rather than civilization or 'non-nature-plants-and-animals-look-at-the-darling-bunnies-sweetheart' sort of things.  Province growth and development is a boulder thrown into Mebhaighl's pond, sending waves rippling through it that prevent it from being what it should be somehow - from flowing into the world, or from building up to usable levels, or whatever it is that it does.  Elves don't maintain Source because they're more magical or because they're ecologically sustainable, they maintain it because they don't change the place very much - they build around what's already there, with a minimal impact.  The province remains largely what it always was, and so they make a much smaller splash, smaller ripples. 

By that token, anything that radically changes a province would reduce Source - an earthquake, a tidal wave, a massive uncontrolled forest fire.  On the other hand, the damage, the change caused by natural disasters usually fixes itself pretty quickly.  The forest grows back, the animals return, and the province becomes pretty much what it's always been - and the Source stabilizes back out.  When people move in, though, they don't tend to leave again.  The province never reverts.  Who knows?  Maybe in a thousand years, the Source in civilized provinces will begin to return, as the magic finishes stabilizing in the new form of the province?  Maybe humanity (and other races) change things too quickly and too constantly to allow that to ever happen.  But for now, all we know is we disrupt things and elves don't.

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Re: Ideas for economic over exploitation (i.e. devastation) of a province
« Reply #33 on: July 19, 2013, 09:42:18 pm »
The Complete Mage has rules on how sources recover after civilisation fades on page 22 - 1 level every fifth spring if the population simply leaves, 1 level each spring if the buildings, etc are also destroyed.

Its slightly contra-canon in that it associates mebhaighl with plant life rather than seeing it as springing from the depths of Aebrynnis, although in both cases its the snarling of ley-lines by "civilisation" which dissipates the mebhaighl not the population per se.
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