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The P&H in the future
« on: June 25, 2013, 02:51:54 pm »
Right, I will make this clear. Once and for all.  ;)

In RoE3 we will not be publishing the P&H. Each player will instead be issued a limited view version based upon their own domain/character view. The reasons for this are complicated but come down to...

1) The old style open P&H meant that everyone knew everything. Players had near perfect knowledge of everyone else's incomes, financial and regency, as well as the location of holdings etc. A reasonable amount of a player's DO could be determined by those who intended to metagame the P&H.
2) The information game was limited. There are all kinds of other options opened up by keeping the P&H obfuscated - Temples stop being Blessing Whores. Guilds stop being just interest free cash pots.
3) The open P&H informs players decisions - I want character decisions to be made for RP reasons, not because of a number crunching exercise that shows a slight edge in 5 turns based on knowledge that your PC would not have IC.

It is a brutal thing I am aware for those of you who love to be able to see everything and fiddle with the spreadsheets for hours but we'll not be moving on this issue - I am not running a fully visible P&H game.