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Domain Assignments
« on: June 25, 2013, 11:22:02 am »
I am reasonably happy I have a list now that works; most people got their third choices with only a need to go ask one player to play a specific realm. There were 21 applications and 20 domains so one player has not been assigned a realm - I am not a cruel man so I have a plan for that player that will get them some serious fun, but in the meantime? Thank you for your patience but here is the list.

The Tael Firth

Dhoesone - Kingdom, N, Strong, Challenging:
- Assigned to Marco

Rjuvik - Kingdom, CE, Strong, Challenging:
- Assigned to Brandon

Stjordvik - Kingdom, CN, Moderate, Average:
- Assigned to Greg

Talinie & Northern Imperial Temple - Kingdom/Temple, LG, Powerful, Challenging:
- Assigned to Linde

Carilie - Kingdom, NE, Slight, Average:
- Assigned to Thorsten

Thurazor Regained - Kingdom, LE, Slight, Challenging:
- Assigned to Arpig

Svinik - Kingdom, CG, Moderate, Average:
- Assigned to Quentin

Northern Reformed Church of Sarimie - Temple, NE, Moderate, Average:
- Assigned to Mark

Oaken Grove of Erik - Temple, N, Strong, Average:
- Assigned to JP

Haelyn's Bastion of Truth - Temple, LN, Slight, Challenging:
- Assigned to Wiktor

Emerald Spiral - Temple N, Strong, Average:
- Assigned to Don E

Hidden Temple of Cuiraécen - Temple, CG, Moderate, Average:
- Assigned to Libor

Stonecrown Coster - Guild, NE, Strong, Difficult:
- Assigned to Rune

Northern Import and export - Guild, N, Moderate, Average:
- Assigned to Geir

Andien and Sons - Guild, LE, Moderate, Challenging:
- Assigned to Milos

Stjordvik Traders - Guild, CN, Moderate, Easy:
- Assigned to Garth

Three Trees Traders - Guild, NG, Moderate, Easy:
- Assigned to Shido

Torele Anviras - Wizard, NG, Moderate, Easy:
- Assigned to Niels

Clumine Dhoesone - Wizard, NG, Moderate, Average:
- Assigned to Bobby

Ohlaak the Dragon - Wizard, LN, Moderate, Challenging:
- Assigned to Alan

Any complaints? Take them elsewhere ;)

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Re: Domain Assignments
« Reply #1 on: June 25, 2013, 05:28:12 pm »
No complaints whatsoever!
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Re: Domain Assignments
« Reply #2 on: June 25, 2013, 11:11:25 pm »
This is an interesting mix of players and domains, thanks Matt.
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