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Domain Applications
« on: June 18, 2013, 02:19:40 pm »
Each domain will be based on the following template. When we release the domain list we will also include a link to a form to fill out as part of your application.

Where we have multiple applications for the same domain then we will of course resort to belly barging and pit fights.  ;)

Domain Name (Domain Type, Alignment, Power, Difficulty): Domain description.

Domain Type (Kingdom, Barony, Temple, Guild, Mage) - A Kingdom is a sovereign realm. A barony is a smaller sub-realm, often a vassal of a kingdom. A temple has temple holdings, a guild has guilds and trade, and a mage has sources. There are several domains that combine two or more types (such as Barony/Temple or Barony/Guild).

Alignment (LG, LN, LE, NG, N, NE, CG, CN, CE) - The alignment entry shows the general alignment traits of the domain. The regent might be of the same alignment, or he may have another alignment.

Power (Pitiful, Weak, Slight, Moderate, Strong, Powerful, Overwhelming) - Power is an overall measure of all kinds of resources and influence available to a domain. Sovereign realms will usually come out higher than more specialized domains (a guild might be the most powerful guild in Anuire, but might score only Strong on the power scale).

Example: A guild that is listed a being 'weak' is likely pretty big, but in overall economical and political power it is not on par with the great realms of Anuire.

Difficulty (Simple, Easy, Average, Challenging, Difficult) - As with power, difficulty is an overall measure of how complex a domain is to run. Kingdoms (and to a certain extent also baronies) usually have a higher difficulty than other types of domains, since they have many more factors they need to relate to. Temples are frequently fairly complicated as well, especially if they cover several different realms.

Domain availability legend
Recommended - I'd really like to see this domain played.
Available - I'll consider requests and may assign this domain if the application is well thought through.
NPC domain - You can't apply
Taken - This domain already  has a ruler