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Re: The Domain of the Red Witch
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The Genasi movement (aka Genasi, or Genites) holds that at creation everything that is and everything that can be was made from the elements: spirit (aether), fire, earth, wind and water.  Furthermore, what has been created can only at best be reduced to the elements (it is considered an abomination to bring into existence what hasn't already existed). What has been created is finite and as such constantly cycles building and returning what has been made to the elements.  The gods are the embodiment, paragons and harbingers of the elements and thus, creation.
Beyond the Veil: The Nexus
While it is said that The Nexus is equidistant from all the elements.  It is still governed by the spirit.  In cosmological terms, the Nexus could be on the Astral or Ethereal planes or even apart from both.
The souls of men cannot be created or destroyed.  At death, the souls of men are washed in the great Nexus where memory and experiences are broken down and returned to the elements, leaving a blank slate to be returned to mortal vessel.  Yet those of great faith, are not swept cleaned, instead their spirits are refined with elemental essence, thus becoming stronger). After many cycles of rebirth, they no longer cycle and instead they become messengers of the gods and are known as Gen.
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Re: The Domain of the Red Witch
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Hmm, what of those who have become utterly corrupt and consorted with demons/etc - do they recycle or are they damned - or do they become demons?

I'd expect some finality to both the best and the worst of people with the bulk then renewed until they achieve one or other state (perfect purity of soul or utter damnation) - hopefully the former of course, but with the latter as both cautionary tale and explanation for the wrongs of the world.
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