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Fighting fire with fire
« on: September 23, 2010, 01:15:26 am »
Elinie lets it be known by various diplomatic channels, that troops can be procured at competitive prices.

The terms is of a agreed retainer pr. unit and upon the event of that units destruction, a fee agreed upon in advance.

Thus, the cost for the customer is much lower than if they had to raise the units themselves, and more reliable, and cheaper, than mercenary units. - If the unit is damaged, then the customer can simply keep it on retainer until it has time to replenish. Only if the unit is destroyed is a replacement fee triggered.

For Elinie the benefits are also obvious. The costs of low activity units are off-set, without having to disband experienced units. The possibility to maintain a larger army than otherwise possible, and finally, a way to lend a discreet hand in matter that Elinie support but are not engaged directly in.

Interested parties know the direction to send their dispatches.

Oh someone in CoT have a task for your merry boys. Some new kind of temple?

Domain Description:

Arcane Avanalae (AA) (Sub-Domain of Elinie, for now)

Temple of Avanalae, strongly favoring Haelyn, and with sincere recognition to Erik. The rest of the civilized gods are represented.

Symbol: Shortspear crossing a bastard sword over a setting sun.

Alignment: LN

Portfolio: Reason, Rulership, Magic, Justice, Sun

Domains: Reason, Law, Magic, War, Knowledge, Sun

Favored Weapon: Shortspear (Avanalae) or Bastard Sword (Haelyn)

Anuire is the favored realm of Avanalae, her rays are soothing and rarely burns. Her Grace keeps the land warm and fertile, and her Vigilance penetrates even the deepest night with inevitable dawn.

Haelyn is the All-Father, his martial prowess in war has forged the Anuirian Empire. His shield shelters civilization as it grows in the Light of Avanalae.

The  priests and paladins are expected to represent themselves as if they were representing Her. They must strive to be firm but fair in their dispensation of justice, must aid the poor and defend those unable to defend themselves, and must be merciful to enemies who She would deem deserving.

At every temple, priests conduct morning ceremonies that praise the glory of Avanalae and Haelyn and calling for their divine wisdom in the day to come.

Temples devoted to Arcane Avanalae are not only libraries, but schools eager to teach the masses the correct way of living.

As well, their respect for Haelyn's martial prowess means that barracks and ample fortifications are often part of the installation.

Clerics of Avani and Haelyn pray for their spells at dawn.


Knowledge on its own has value, but true worth comes only from application. Teach the people how to improve their lives by promoting new ideas and innovations.

To rule or judge is not a privilege, it is a most holy responsibility and the heaviest of burdens, for your acts touch the lives of your subjects. Should lordship fall to you, work diligently to see that you rule justly.

Stand by your oaths to your liege, your subjects, and your neighbors; the word of a ruler is the coin by which nation's earn peace.

See justice done, with both compassion and zeal. It is the duty of the strong to protect the weak. Study warfare to defend civilization.

Our world is magical, the foes of civilization are often impervious to all else but magic. Enhance the defenders of civilization by increasing the knowledge and production of magic items.

We must protect against those that would abuse knowledge. Access to dangerous knowledge must be earned through demonstrated determination, discipline, and self-control. Strive to seek wisdom and understanding, for knowledge is the root of all lasting power.

All knowledge should be gathered. Knowledge is the light by which darkness is held at bay. Knowledge, like fire, is both useful and dangerous.

Avani is the sun, and she shines her divine radiance upon the world every day, protecting all people from the encroachments of Shadow and darkness. Her light brings food to the tables of her people, for crops need both rain and sun to prosper. Her warmth enfolds her people; she chases away the storms that destroy well-being. She touches her followers with her blessing every day, for each ray of the sun carries her divine benediction.

All beings intent on partaking in civilization should be allowed to do so. Teach freely the tenets upon which stable society is built upon.


Arcane Avanalae is for all intents and purposes a “full service” temple. The mainstream population of Anuire holds Haelyn in highest regard, but with the softer and more accessible dogma of Arcane Avanalae, this Temple hopes to promote the tenets of Avanalae while adopting ceremonies and observations held high by the pure Haelynite temples.

Make no mistake however, this is very much a temple of Avanalae. Its Haelynite dogma has been tweaked to emphasize on War being a tool of defense against Shadow and not a club to be used on fellow people.

Instead practical application of knowledge and magic is promoted. Classes will be offered to commoners, and the most promising students will be trained as wizards or magicians and taught in the rules of the 5 Oaths. – Graduation entails going to the sacred temple to take the Vows.

Divine magic is a gift from Avanalae and is held sacred. Arcane magic is Reason imposed on the laws of this world. Both must be harnessed and used to protect civilization and further its growth.

Non-magical thinking is respected however, as true magic is too dangerous for most of the population, but simple improvements to every day tools are distributed by the temple for an agreeable fee.
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Re: Fighting fire with fire
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Kasper gets a gold star for this.

Very amusing.
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