Author Topic: Troops Available for Hire - Honorable causes only, reasonable costs  (Read 704 times)

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Elinie lets it be known by various diplomatic channels, that troops can be procured at competitive prices.

The terms is of a agreed retainer pr. unit and upon the event of that units destruction, a fee agreed upon in advance.

Thus, the cost for the customer is much lower than if they had to raise the units themselves, and more reliable, and cheaper, than mercenary units. - If the unit is damaged, then the customer can simply keep it on retainer until it has time to replenish. Only if the unit is destroyed is a replacement fee triggered.

For Elinie the benefits are also obvious. The costs of low activity units are off-set, without having to disband experienced units. The possibility to maintain a larger army than otherwise possible, and finally, a way to lend a discreet hand in matter that Elinie support but are not engaged directly in.

Interested parties know the direction to send their dispatches.
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