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Title: Elinie
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The following notes, letters, discussions and stories are rumors, hearsay and part historical documentation that may or may not be available IC information, depending on how your relations and proximity to Elinie may be.

For your enjoyment:

Spring 1535 (#61):

Create Lieutenant - Raman ‘Redhands’ has served Rashid loyally and is a crafty old bugger. In recognition of his reliability, Rashid promotes Raman to Lieutenant in a great celebration.

A scene from the create lieutenant action, just to flesh out Raman and a few details of the court:

The throne room is wide, the thick red carpet runs down towards the dais, where it widens into a suitable platform for several people to stand, or kneel. Pillars flank the room, causing the braziers and everburning torches to cast deep shadows. The walls are draped in fine cloth, heavy velvets and banners woven with stories of past glories.

Dignitaries and courtiers line the carpet, tall tables, with fruits and morsels, are spaced regularly througout the room to keep everyone in a festive mood, servants are gliding unobtrusively between guests, refilling cups and platters.

A band playing the Anuire-Khinasi music unique to Elinie, using instruments such as the lute but clearly melodies inspired by Khinasi culture, provide suitable background.

The main door opens, the music stills and the announcer declares: “Sir Raman “Redhands”, Commander of Elinie's armed forces, vanquisher of Krookshank the Wicked and former Captain of the “Fist of Raman””.

Raman is tall and heavily muscled. He is wearing his breastplate, and across his back is his trusty greatsword, an array of other weapons are strapped where they are easily accessible. His hair is grey, but retains reddish traces, even more visible in his full beard. His age is not showing in his step, as he resolutely walks down the carpet, nor do his eyes show any hesitation as they roam over the assembled people, as a predator walking among sheep.

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Spring 1535:
Rashid sees the need for realm wide control of Law holdings, and begin a large scale programme of promoting the best of the constabulary into local marshals with the power to invest deputies, thus allowing the rule of law, to reach even the remotest corners of each province.

Summer 1535:
The marshals of Elinie continue to expand their model to Hope’s Demise, Sendouras and Osoeriene.

Raman “Red Hands” is sent to Hope’s Demise to get things running… “I Told You TO LISTEN UP!” Raman bellowed at the men before him. “The village militia is disbanded, you are now deputies reporting to the local Marshal.”

The men looked warily at each other, their armour and weapons haphazard and makeshift, they were used to take care of the odd swamp thing or wolf that came to their village, not these serious men.

“And who’s the Marshal?” One of them finally took courage to ask. A gangly fellow, still young, but with warm eyes, and with a little more muscle he’d make a fine soldier Raman decided. “For this village, it’ll be You.”

Meanwhile in Sendouras, Kirgan the dwarven castellan of Elinie is doing his part:

“You have some fine hills here in Sendouras, roots go deep into the rock. When you select the hills for the watchtowers, you want them no more than 5 miles apart, and you want to have clear lines of sight to both the other towers in the chain. You are going to clear off the topsoil, to create the foundations on the rock. Else your timbers will slip and sink. Now, when we come to building materials and…”

And in Osoeriene, Kerric of Maesford, cavalrist extrodinaire is rallying the horseriding folk of that province:

“Good morning gentlemen! – It is good to see so many of you here, there is nothing more grand or elegant than the light cavalry, and with Osoeriene being a province of vast plains, you will learn that…”

Meanwhile, a young corporal of House Gheirout is finding a novel way of solving his duty of overseeing the training exercises of the army of Elinie:

Yet again corporal Gheirout, raised his saber to signal the sparring to begin. The two fighters closed, one in heavy armor and shield, the other wielding a long pike, circling.

The corporal knew the Armsman in the field, he was a vicious man, one of the best in the unit and the pikeman would be his 6th foe felled in a row… the best row of the week if he made it.
Having the Armsmen run up in tourneys, survival style (mock weapons of course!), was really honing the experienced men more than he had hoped for. Once their fatigue set in, they had to try harder and harder to keep the edge, against the scrubs that kept coming.

With any luck someone in the brass would notice who had got the idea, corporal Gheirout thought to himself.

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Summer 1535 (#62):

The S&C was a grand event for Elinie. A great many old and new friendships were formed, and all the prominents of the Elinien court were busy.

Between the realms of Coeranys and Elinie, the talk went:

The people living on the edge of the swamp, were well aware that, on the other side of the fetid waters and bogs and monsters, there were other people, who like them, lived with the reality that a mighty dragon, at any time, could come bursting out of the swamp and destroy all they had.

It had always tied the people together in the swamp lands, the inclination to “stick to their own”, so as such, it was without much fuss that the locals received the news, that a state of peaceful accord had been found between the realms ruling each side of the swamp and surrounding forests.

Old friend Mhoried renewed its alliance with Elinie:

Freshfaced recruits and hardened armsmen from Ansien met the Mhor’s forces with good spirits, the Mhoried troops teasing the scrubs of Elinie with their old stories of war with the darkness.

Teasing aside, it was as old friends reuniting, both sides willing to stand side by side against any enemy. Monster or otherwise.

Haelyn's Aegis also achieved a great stride for Haelyn worship in Elinie. Of course, this greatly in due to their good standing with LPA.

“Let it be known, that the Haelyn’s Aegis, has been officially sanctioned as a church of Elinie!” The cryer rambled off the litany accompanying the news. The listeners nodding to themselves, it was about time that Haelyn’s Aegis got some recognition!

To them, HA had always been part of the religious landscape, and good friends of the people.

Elsewhere Kifari al-Lakhar, second vizier of Elinie, was making the last visits to the local temples of Haelyn’s Aegis. He had personally been travelling to each holding in Elinie and made a point of meeting the head of each, noting and satisfying their special requirements, if any, within the scope of the treaty.

It would be crucial to understand the lines of command in Haelyn’s Aegis, if and when they should be warned or mobilized. Kifari felt he had the task well in hand.
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Fall 1535 (#63):

The season where, among other things, Rashida ibn Daouta, bastard daughter of Assan ibn Daouta and a powerful Paladin of Avanalae in her own right, joined the court of Elinie as a henchman to her half-brother, the Patriach Rashid.

The young corporal Gheirout was also finding this season a boon for his career:

“Tourney Master” Gheirout was elated. His astounding success with training sessions, pitting soldiers against soldiers in mock battles had led to a number of fortunate turns for him.

First of all, his superiors has taken note of him as an especially gifted young officer, and his wages and responsibilities had grown accordingly.

Secondly, the mock battles had drawn quite many onlookers, at first just the camp followers, but as word spread, people came in from nearby villages to see the soldiers spar, take wagers and cheer their champions.

Always the entrepreneur, the young Gheirout had organised the wagering, and set up wooden spectator stands and taken to charging admission fees.

The battles had developed into team and solo contests in a field with “natural” terrain to be fought over and held/conquered.

Sure, there were more accidents now, but the income from the wagers and admission fees covered the costs of healing or replacing a man maimed beyond healing… Leaving a nice take for Gheirout himself.

The catastrophic wedding between the Baron of Roesone and the Sword Mage was also to be held this season. A special gift had been prepared from Elinie, but the days came and went, with no clear indication on time and place for the event.

Also, MOC has lost their Book of Law, and missives were received in Elinie, that it was being carried through by brigands! - The Patriarch himself led a hunt of scouts and cavalry, chasing the foul knaves. Alas, rumors has it that the brigands were travelling in the Shadow Realm, and were thus impossible for Rashid to intercept.

Is the Book now with Manethander? - Is he even now using it to break free of his tomb beneath the Grey Hills?

Finally, Osoerde and Elinie met to discuss a treaty that would allow Archduke Osoer to move troops through Elinie, to support his vassal Marquis Bellam in Morcosoer.

To understand the events, one must know the following:

Gerad ibn Daouta, whom served as the General of Elinie, before Adaliz ibn Daouta made her coup, had at the time of the coup taken the army of Elinie and fled to Osoerde, where, believing the Patriarch Rashid to be dead, he planned how to retake Elinie.

Before he came around to it, Rashid, rightful Patriarch fought his way back from the wilderness and in a counter-coup supported by loyal nobles and the LPA and PETG, the evil Adaliz was driven out of Ansien.

In the upheaval following these event, Gerad stays in Osoerde, biding his time.

The treaty fails to be ratified, and rumor has it that Gerad ibn Daouta is the direct cause. Archduke Osoer is paying his bills, keeping the Elinien elite army with Gerad, and Gerad refuses to return home to Elinie! - Unrest! - Is the Archduke playing for usurpation of another Duchy, or is Gerad simply ensnaring the Archduke in his own plans?

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Winter 1535 (#64):

WAR with Osoerde!

War sweeps the land. Osoerde declares a war of aggression, hoping to bully Elinie into submission in one fell swipe.

In response, the Patriarch scrambles to mount a defense. Calling upon the legendary riders of Elinie, the Patriarch makes this rousing speech one chill but clear morning, his voice booming over the gathered people and soldiers:

"Men of Elinie! - We are under attack by Osoerde! - In an unjust and devious attempt to destroy, the very fabric of Elinie!

He means to ruin all that we have, in an envious bid to control our shining star of Eastern Anuire.

But I shall not allow this to occur! - Your Patriarch shall stand in the face of this danger and shall know no fear, no desperation and no hesitation!

I know what the Archduke does not. I know, in my heart that beats only for Elinie and her people, that I have the strength to stand against such an enemy undaunted!

For I have something Osoer does not! - I have the people of Elinie! - And the People is the backbone that has withstood countless horrors in the past. Faced down goblins, orogs, elves and brigands and stood triumphant!

Elinie is a land of Honor, of Sayim! - What we say we will do, we do! - We stood with Aerenwe when Osoerde and Ghoere threatened them. That conflict ended in Elinie's defeat, as the foe was as numerous as the grasshoppers in fall! - But we stood! Our word sacred. Sayim answered!

See today! - Elinie stands Free! - Ghoere is no more! - Osoerde has no friends, that are not sworn his vassal! - We will have Righteous Triumph!

Rise Men of Elinie! - Rise up and go to your liege! - Demand to be pointed to the front, and join the levy that is now being called!

Avanalae and Haelyn favors us, and we shall know their blessings! - The Sun shall shine for Elinie and hide from Osoer.

Osoer marches in winter, they shall flail helplessly at the icy wind, as it bears down from North, leaving their fingers numb and faces blistered!

They shall be sick from poisoned wells, leaving them to sip from putrid puddles of snow, that they melt over pitiful fires that cannot warm them!

They shall face swarms of arrows, striking from the night, felling them with fierce barbed heads that leave infected wounds that costs limbs and pain!

Their path shall be harassed by swift riders, striking down any who is unaware for but a second, shadowing their pitiful column as would hyenas track the doomed animal through the desert!

Their food and water shall run out, as their trains cannot be left untended without suffering withering attacks from ambush!

Their morale shall be shattered by the very injustice of their motivations! - Deserters from their army will meet friendly Elinien hands and warm soup, mere hours after fleeing their encampment!

The very Gods will have cursed their march! - They will falter! - They WILL fail!


The crowd breaks out in fierce cheers and posters with the speech and call to muster the levy is distributed across the land.