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Title: Sample Host: Hrothgar
Post by: DM B on October 02, 2013, 10:44:09 pm
Each player starts by detailing his Champion/Host in a separate thread.

This is an example using Hrothgar from the Background/Rules thread.

Name: Hrothgar

Prowess: 6
Cunning: 3
Interaction: 0
Warcraft: 5
Subterfuge: 2
Psychics: 0
Faith: 0
Tech: 2

Gear: He's equipped pretty much like the Space Wolf he is; Power armour, bolter, bolt pistol and chainsword. It sometimes gets him into trouble when other warbands think him a Corpse lover. Because he has Tech 2 it's fair to assume he's got a fancy Fenrisian chainsword and that his gear is in good repair.

Description: Formerly of the Space Wolves Legion of loyalist Space Marines. Deployed with his company to support the scouring of Cadia after Abaddon had been 'defeated'. Switched sides several years later: It began with subtle changes that were overlooked because of the unrelenting war, but eventually it was undeniable - Hrothgar was changing into a wulfen. When he realized his own squad would turn on him out of superstitious dread he took matters in his own hand; he killed his former brothers before they could kill him. Save Ravn, his most loyal brother, who chose to go with him rather than die.

He's not much of a Chaos worshiper (yet); he's more like a man who has lost faith in his God and his way of life and is searching for something to fill that void. As a Space Marine he's a peerless warrior and soldier (his Prowess 6 is high even for a Space Marine, but then again he's a Space Wolf!). He's also rather cunning and not above using some subterfuge (again suitable for a Space Wolf). If he has a weakness it's his lack of people skills.

Ravn, another Space Wolf that has followed him into exile. Rather unimaginative, but loyal.

Irelda, a Cadian rogue psyker that sometimes makes accurate readings of the future.
Brello, a hulking mutant that Hrothgar rescued.
Lt. Kipplin, a Guard officer from a distant sector, good with vox gear and a great liar.

Bodyguard (10): One squad of mutant scum and renegade guard veterans, scavenged body armour, hell-guns, and a couple of support weapons.

Elites (0): None.

Troops (40): Four squads of assorted riff-raff, armed and armoured poorly - and in fourty different ways.
Title: Re: Sample Host: Hrothgar
Post by: DM B on October 02, 2013, 10:45:14 pm
If someone wants to use Hrothgar as the basis of their PC let me know.