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Title: Domain List and Application Process
Post by: Aeric (DM Matt) on June 20, 2013, 09:11:28 pm
The Domain List

The Domain List is laid out in a standard way, as described below. We recommend you read through the list fully before applying for a realm.

Domain Name (Domain Type, Alignment, Power, Difficulty): Domain description.

Domain Type (Kingdom, Barony, Temple, Guild, Mage) - A Kingdom is a sovereign realm. A barony is a smaller sub-realm, often a vassal of a kingdom. A temple has temple holdings, a guild has guilds and trade, and a mage has sources. There are several domains that combine two or more types (such as Barony/Temple or Barony/Guild).

Alignment (LG, LN, LE, NG, N, NE, CG, CN, CE) - The alignment entry shows the general alignment traits of the domain. The regent might be of the same alignment, or he may have another alignment.

Power (Pitiful, Weak, Slight, Moderate, Strong, Powerful, Overwhelming) - Power is an overall measure of all kinds of resources and influence available to a domain. Sovereign realms will usually come out higher than more specialized domains (a guild might be the most powerful guild in Anuire, but might score only Strong on the power scale).

Example: A guild that is listed a being 'weak' is likely pretty big, but in overall economical and political power it is not on par with the great realms of Anuire.

Difficulty (Simple, Easy, Average, Challenging, Difficult) - As with power, difficulty is an overall measure of how complex a domain is to run and the threats they face. Kingdoms (and to a certain extent also baronies) usually have a higher difficulty than other types of domains, since they have many more factors they need to relate to. Temples are frequently fairly complicated as well, especially if they cover several different realms.

Domain availability legend
Recommended - I'd really like to see this domain played.
Available - I'll consider requests and may assign this domain if the application is well thought through.
NPC domain - You can't apply
Also see XXX - More info found under XXX

To Apply for a Domain

To apply please read the list below. Once you have read through click on this link and fill it out. We'll sift throw all the replies and assign accordingly.


The Tael Firth

Dhoesone - Kingdom, N, Strong, Challenging:
Dhoesone is a land under threat - while the Baroness strives to hold her realm together forces within continually attempt to pull it apart; changes in Anuirean culture, long connections to the Rjurik culture, the conflict between elf and man, the rough wilderness and its particular dangers. All of these things and more beset the realm and its a full time job for the baroness to hold onto the power of the realm. But should she manage to forge something anew from it then she will find herself in control of a  true power to be reckoned with in the north.
- Available

Rjuvik - Kingdom, CE, Strong, Challenging:
Rjuvik is a hazardous and lawless place where traditional Rjurik nomadic life has almost completely died out, except in the extreme northern regions. The Blood Skull Barony threatens the north and challenges Fulgar's influence there. Elsewhere, Fulgar's jarls exercise the tyrannical oppression Fulgar demands. These corrupt and selfish individuals allow their people to engage in all forms of lawless conduct - for a cut of the take. Unlike the usual Rjurik jarl's body of housecarls, traditional swordsmen of elite status, Fulgar's men have bodies of club wielding thugs.
- Available

Stjordvik - Kingdom, CN, Moderate, Average:
The Stjordvikers are a people both hardy and independent in the greatest Rjurik traditions. Southern Stjordvikers, especially in Ustkjuvil, Saerskaap, along the coast of Hollenvik live in or near towns, and are accustomed to the urban contact. Even so they remain warm and friendly with the herding northerners and the nomads that pass through. A strong and proud people, the Stjordvikers are deeply concerned over the future of their realm and the divisions between the king and the jarls.
- Available

Talinie & Northern Imperial Temple - Kingdom/Temple, LG, Powerful, Challenging:
A powerful theocracy forged in the forest of the Aelvinnwode, which covers the kingdom of Talinie almost entirely. Though most of its provinces have only sparse populations, this kingdom maintains sizable lumbering and mining industries for export. These efforts bring substantial coin into the domain, but they harm the land and resistance to the guilds is significant. The woods slowly give way before human occupation, and they don't grow back. The temptations of wealth have begun to change Talinie and the old motto, "enjoy without grasping" seems quaint, as most people embrace the new thinking. After all, they have to make a living, why should they move away from the lands they know best to do it? Talinie is in the balance.
- Available

Carilie - Kingdom, NE, Slight, Average:
Cariele was once a land of unsurpassed beauty with towering trees rising high above the land. With the rise of Mheallie Bireon, the provinces have been stripped down and harvested for their resources. Where fur used to provide the bulk of the domain?s income, now the timber trade thrives throughout the country. Count Entier Gladanil has learned not to cross the Guilder, who is the true power in Cariele. He tends to those matters of the state which Mistress Mheallie has not appropriated.
- Available

Thurazor Regained - Kingdom, LE, Slight, Challenging:
Newly grasped from Goblin hands Thurrazor Regained is too new a realm to even truly have its own name - made from an alliance of foreign mercenaries and the military wing of what had been a struggling Haelyn's Bastion of Truth the new regent rules with a fist of steel to ensure that what has been carved from the wilds becomes civilised under their guidance.
- Available

Svinik - Kingdom, CG, Moderate, Average:
Svinik is, in many ways, a typical Rjurik nation. Its population consists of Rjurik who are evenly divided between the permanently settled, and the temporarily settled, with small numbers of urban and nomadic Rjurik on the fringes. Watchful of the agressive Rjuvik, Svinik strives to maintain the traditional balances that others have forgotten and despite it all maintain good hearts.
- Available

Northern Reformed Church of Sarimie - Temple, NE, Moderate, Average:
With the rise of the guilds over the decades the faith of Sarimie has also grown. Long revered as the goddess of luck guildsmen have taken to Sarimie's aspect as the god of trade and wealth with enthusiasm for Sera's edicts give their efforts moral authority denied by the Oaken Grove. Despite the slurs of its rivals, the Reformed Church of Sarimie does not in general seek temporal power; although the church does seek wealth even this is not its true purpose. What it seeks above all is the spread of Sarimie's doctrine of wealth and prosperity through daring and innovation.  Nevertheless the church is an active investor in many businesses throughout Dhoesone and a number of its priests have become quite wealthy.
- Available

Oaken Grove of Erik - Temple, N, Strong, Average:
The Oaken Grove is the progressive wing of Erik's druidical organization. The Oaken Grove contends that the Rjurik people have always retained their essential Rjurik character in the face of trade, interaction, and exchange with other peoples. Furthermore, change is a natural phenomena, and the Rjurik people must change over time while preserving their reverence for Erik. Progress in accord with Erik's teachings is not only possible, but is desirable and even necessary. Despite the bounty of the land, hunting in the traditional style cannot support the growing populations of Rjurik people. Yet there are grains and animals which take well to human mastery. As good stewards of the lands and its creatures, people may prosper by farming.
- Available

Haelyn's Bastion of Truth - Temple, LN, Slight, Challenging:
Overshadowed by and retreating from the Northern Imperial Temple's influence for so long at last the Bastion has found a voice and courage again. With a new set of hands steering the temple a real energy seems to have flowed through all of its clergy and the move against Thurazor has kept the momentum going in a progressive way that has not yet brought direct conflict against the NIT.
- Available

Emerald Spiral - Temple N, Strong, Average:
The Emerald Spiral is the conservative wing of the worship of Erik. Members of the Spiral recall a golden age when the world was uncivilized and all men lived in harmony with nature. Other gods gave their people grains and taught them farming. When this knowledge came to the Rjurik, the pollution of the golden age began. Since then, the druids have struggled against the further corruption of the Rjurik way of life by outside influences.
- Available

Hidden Temple of Cuiraécen - Temple, CG, Moderate, Average:
Surprisingly wide spread the Hidden Temple preaches the code so close to the heart of Cuiraécen wide across the Northern Marches, even into the realms of Thurazor and the Five Peaks. Constantly aware of the threats those realms present the Temple tries to keep a watchful eye on them and prepare for the raids and wars that will always come from there.
- Available

Stonecrown Coster - Guild, NE, Strong, Difficult:
In the cutthroat world of the northern guilds, the Stonecrown Coster has been the the pace setter, going so far as to depose the ruling family of Cariele. The other guilds on the region have to play the way the Stonecrown way or they find themselves out of business.
Mheallie Bireon pulls the strings here, but finds it useful to hide behind Caelan Chandler, who appears to run the guild while Mheallie enjoys a prosperous retirement. Nothing escapes the ruthless Mheallie's notice.
- Available

Northern Import and export - Guild, N, Moderate, Average:
Controlling the lion's share of trade in Dhoesone and Thurazor this guild is most powerful in the forests although the mines of Dharilein also answer to the guild. The guild has failed to pay taxes for years beyond the odd token, claiming that ongoing banditry by elven murderers has depleted its income - and why should the merchants pay the baroness to defend them when she allows thieving murderous elves to roam freely in Dhoesone's borders?
- Available

Andien and Sons - Guild, LE, Moderate, Challenging:
Originally a lieutenant of Northern Imports and Exports, Bannier Andien parted ways with his old regent a few years ago and took holdings in Talinie and Dhoesone with him. Once well on his way to establishing himself as Talinie's own guilder, Adaere Doneim let information about Bannier's past employment work its way to Talinie's Thane, Thuriene Donalls, who no longer trusts him. As a result of this distrust the guild is focusing its effort to growing in Dhoesone although this has been heavy going with strong opposition from Storm Holtson and Mheallie Bireon. Andien and Sons is less aggressive than the other guilds, striving to differentiate itself from its competitors by avoiding the 'fast buck mentality' in favor of building partnerships with local townsmen and nobles to ensure that it has local support for its actions.
- Available (folding some of the Upper Anuire Traders holdings into this one)

Stjordvik Traders - Guild, CN, Moderate, Easy:
The Stjordvik Traders is an alliance of merchants with Storm Holtson as its unquestioned leader. This rising commercial league is rather widespread, focusing more on selecting the best opportunities from Svinik to Boeruine instead of dominating a realm or a distinct region. In Svinik, Stjordvik, and Dhoesone, Storm attracts ambitious, agressive Rjurik who are not afraid to put aside the backward traditions of their people to become major players in the economy of the Tael Firth. In Talinie, local political concerns have forced the Stjordvik Traders to use a front organization, the Fellowship of Miners and Sawyers to avoid to predjudice of the parocial Taliniens.
- Available

Three Trees Traders - Guild, NG, Moderate, Easy:
The Three Trees Traders is one of a handful of true tradingguilds in the Rjurik lands. An alliance of a seven or so wealthy urban Rjurik, the Three Trees manages much trade along the Taelshore. The Traders' presence actually helps maintain some semblance of order in the more wilder Rjurik domains, and many foreign traders have begun to take notice.
- Available

Torele Anviras - Wizard, NG, Moderate, Easy:
Torele Anviras is the Earl of Freestead and serves as the court mage of Talinie; the demands from the Thane are not immense but when they come the Earl knows they must be fulfilled.
- Available

Clumine Dhoesone - Wizard, NG, Moderate, Average:
Court mage of Dhoesone and long standing rival of Daeric Dhoesone, Daeric's disappearance has thrown her world into confusion and brought a new rival to her attention.
- Available

Ohlaak the Dragon - Wizard, LN, Moderate, Challenging:
One of the few wizards at large along the Taelshore of Rjurik the Dragon's constant battle with the White Witch has long held his attention but with the loss of his friend Daeric he knows he must look to the firth again.
- Available

Title: Re: Domain List and Application Process
Post by: Aeric (DM Matt) on June 21, 2013, 08:16:46 am
11 separate applications submitted last night...
Title: Re: Domain List and Application Process
Post by: Aeric (DM Matt) on June 21, 2013, 07:10:47 pm
Assigning Domains

So the lovely form you are all submitting produces a spreadsheet that lets me do some lovely direct comparison of choices but I thought I would explain some of how I intend to assign domains.

1) Being the only person choosing a specific domain as your 1st choice makes it very likely you will get it. Unless no one has chosen your third choice at all - I have to balance the domains out and even out the randomness of letting you all choose. This means I have to start at the least popular choices and make sure they are covered. Sometimes that will mean it is 3 people fighting it out (proverbially) for their 2nd choice, rather than the 1st choices they might all have had otherwise. Writing the logic out for the choice mechanism would be dead complicated ;)

2) If you place conditions on a choice it will lessen your chance of getting it - if I have to chose between someone who wants to play a LN version of Talinie or wants to fold some guild holdings into a temple then it will count against them when weighing up a choice between one player and another.

3) Previous behaviours can be important - some realms will be chunky compared to other. Reliability of player will have to be considered sometimes, but hopefully will not cause a problem for all you keeners! :)

No doubt more thoughts will go on this as and when I have them.
Title: Re: Domain List and Application Process
Post by: Aeric (DM Matt) on June 22, 2013, 07:50:53 am
17 applications submitted so far (ignoring duplicates, overwrites or previous DM's being "funny").

Only 3 domains without an applicant so far. Am considering adding a couple more domains somewhere :)
Title: Re: Domain List and Application Process
Post by: Aeric (DM Matt) on June 22, 2013, 08:28:11 am
Doing some maths then it appears some domains have proved highly popular - to make the juggling easier could anyone who selected one of the following in their preferences, at 1st, 2nd or 3rd, please just PM or email me an alternative. It will make the whole thing much easier. Thanks!

The list
Thurazor regained
Torele Anviras
Title: Re: Domain List and Application Process
Post by: Aeric (DM Matt) on June 22, 2013, 11:48:27 am
For those concerned they cannot remember what they applied for? I will be sending a reminder out to you all later today! :)
Title: Re: Domain List and Application Process
Post by: Aeric (DM Matt) on June 24, 2013, 10:29:05 am
You should all have had your reminders yesterday; sorry about the delay but my Friday work finished about midday Saturday so my days got all messed up :)

Having looked through it I will not be adding a domain to the list - should someone be left short then I will address the issue with the person in question directly.

Should the rest of the 4th options and the one remaining application come in sooner then i will probably do the assigning and announce before the 30th; everyday we can come forward the better the chance of us actually reaching launch :)
Title: Re: Domain List and Application Process
Post by: X-Osoerde (Alan) on June 25, 2013, 12:00:46 am
May we have the list of hold outs so that we may appropriately goad them into action?
Title: Re: Domain List and Application Process
Post by: X-Mieres & SAS/AV (Mark) on June 25, 2013, 03:19:53 am
And by 'goad' he means gently prodding them to action.  *sharpens pitchfork*  What this?  Ummmm....I'm a...farmer?
Title: Re: Domain List and Application Process
Post by: X-Mhoried/Constantine Mhor (Wiktor) on June 25, 2013, 07:29:10 am
Where did we stick those torches we bought last time for Ilien?!
Title: Re: Domain List and Application Process
Post by: Aeric (DM Matt) on June 25, 2013, 07:51:36 am

I think you will find that Black Ghieste used them to burn down your domains in the RoE2 Epilogue!
Title: Re: Domain List and Application Process
Post by: X-Mieres & SAS/AV (Mark) on June 26, 2013, 01:06:18 am

I think you will find that Black Ghieste used them to burn down your domains in the RoE2 Epilogue!

Lol not mine. Uh, we had a slight religious realignment here, but uh... everything's perfectly all right now. We're fine. We're all fine here now, thank you. How are you?